What is The Sage Chef?

The Sage Chef is a publication about food, cooking, our current sick care system and how to improve it.

Mission: To empower people to take control of their health.

Who is The Sage Chef?

My favorite question is: “WHY?” It has taken me on many an interesting journey and down way too many internet rabbit holes.

My favorite answer is “I DON’T KNOW.” I respect that honest answer from others. And I’ll give that answer myself, when it applies. But I’ll also work to find the answer.

I’m Barbara McNeely, The Sage Chef. I’ve been cooking since I could reach the top of the counters in the kitchen. And I’ve been studying science, especially human biology and related topics, and asking **WHY** since Mrs Feigenbaum’s 7th grade science class. I took 2 years of biology in high school, majored in Biology in college, studied to become a health coach, and have taken many courses since then. (If you’re interested, it’s all at listed here.)

I’m a big picture person. I’m able to see a problem from many different viewpoints, putting things together in ways others hadn’t thought of and then solving problems. I’ve had a lot of practice solving health problems. For myself and for family, friends and clients.

My website.

In a nutshell:

I’m passionate about cooking, health topics, food and our “health care” system. And I love to talk about them all!

FAIR WARNING: I’m not for everyone! 😉 Then again, you might find The Sage Chef interesting!

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