That dream from long ago? The one that won't leave? What if....

January 2023

I'm making 2023 a year of gratitude. Won't you join me?

October 2022

It wasn’t all that long ago that fast food wasn’t an option. And yet, believe it or not, people survived. Might have even thrived!

September 2022

Is this about a song or about saffron? Or is it both? Maybe, just maybe, it's a delicious recipe too!
For me, breakfast is a required meal. Especially when traveling or when you have a super busy day.
Memories of my dad, his bad jokes and his love of family and gadgets.

August 2022

Found a treasure I had forgotten in my kitchen. It has become my new favorite kitchen toy.

July 2022

It was one of those weeks that did not go according to plan!
If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying. Unless you don’t, which sometimes is best. But not usually and definitely not for this soup!
You probably don’t want to be fast, cheap, easy or fake, so why would you eat that way?
How did I deal with the pandemic & lockdowns? Cooking, of course!

June 2022

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. How I saved a soup that seemed hopeless.